The tradition in winegrowing and making wine in the Minkov`s family, stems from two generations.
Minko Minkov, father of the current owner of the winery and Chateau Copsa – Ivan Minkov was a longtime specialist in the production of wine and longtime head of the iconic in the past Winery “Valley of Roses”.
Inspired by family history and the charge of the Rose Valley, the family tradition continues to this day. Following the basic rule that good wine comes only from grapes from well grown vineyard, in 1998 the owner of Chateau Copsa – Minko Minkov began buying land for vineyards and unification of old vineyards and planting new ones. Built and equipped a base for wine in the town. Klisura, and in 2008 the winery owns Chateau Copsa, rising on a hill among the vineyards, where natural conditions underground cellar is aging. Chateau Copsa is unique Bulgarian family cellar where one is united in growing grapes in the vineyard areas, produced and bottled wine in their own wine cellar.