ЗА Relax Longe


Relax Longe area is located on the fourth floor of Chateau Copsa.


Available to our guests is comfortable atmosphere of relax lounge and marble jacuzzi to which peer inviting benches for massage and relaxation of two stone towers.


Two panoramic terraces, from which eyes crawl vineyards, stopping in the north in the southern slope of the Balkan Mountains and the South – in the actual average forest allows cool respite in summer days.


YU9S4290 It is possible to reserve all relax lounge area with limited access, also serving of melas and drinks.


The lounge area is appropriate for organising of corporate events and presentations.


Chateau Copsa has an apartment and four boutique rooms.







Sense of timelessness – designer crystal chandeliers from Murano, plush and Florentine silk fabric manufacturers, antique decorations, oak furniture, green and black marble from Zimbabwe, Egyptian cotton bedding, and most importantly – the spirit of family Minkov.







Chateau Copsa has an apartment and four boutique rooms situated in the Chateau, and ten
standart rooms situated in inter court if the castle.