Each year on the last Saturday of May Karlovo town is the capital of the most beautiful and fragrant flower – the rose. The celebration begins with the ritual “picking” in the rose fields near Karlovo. Colorful embroideries on tunics and embroidered shirts merge with the colors of gyulovite shrubs serene blue sky resounds with songs and tunes. From the Rose Garden holiday is transferred to the central square of Karlovo. There hands young male carries the Queen of Roses – the most beautiful girl in the year chosen by competition. With a wreath of roses and showered by a rain of flowers, she welcomed the guests came to the celebration. Begins colorful and cheerful celebration with many songs and dances. Loud bells and bells resound mummers space. Folk part of the festival ends with a winding dance.

Traditionally on this day opened art exhibition, which was awarded the prize of the annual contest “Flower aesthetics.” Outdoor artisans and artists present works of crafts and applied art. In the museum of Karlovo is organized demonstration of rose oil.