Wines from the Valley of Roses, brings the charge of the Thracians. Bulgaria – the land of the ancient Thracians, the art of making wine has been bequeathed to them by five centuries before Christ. Idolize the god Dionysus, they cultivated vineyards and mastered the skill of making sacred elixir. Keeping history alive, we called with the name Zeyla series varietal wines of Chateau Copsa.

  • Зейла Мерло Етикет

    Zeyla Merlot

    Vintage of Merlot began on the first half of October. Fermentation takes place in steel oaks at a temperature of about 22 degrees.

  • Зейла Совиньон блан етикет

    Zeyla Sauvignon Blanc

    This wine show you an elegance in style “New world” with bouquet of aromas of freshly cut grass and wild herbs.

  • Зейла Шардоне барел етикет

    Zeyla Chardonnay Barrel Fermented

    The grape juice fermented in Frech and American oaks. In aroma dominates honey, ripe exotics fruits with a slight tinge of vanilla. Fruit aromas are combined elegant from the shades of French oak and moderate acidity.

  • Karlovo misket etiket

    Zeyla Karlovo Misket

    Red Misket is a typical Bulgarian white grape variety that finds its highest expression in the Rose Valley of the Thracian region.

  • Зейла Каберне етикет

    Zeyla Cabernet Sauvgnon

    A very elegant and distinctive style of wine. The wine aged in French and American barrels for 10-12 Months prior to bottling. The result is a wine with elegance and strength. Intense, complex aroma combining ripe black fruits well assembled with leather and spices aromas.

  • Зейла Розе етикет

    Zeyla Rose

      The wine is created from Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety in a classical method of “Saignee” – a very short period of contact between the grape juice and the grape skin, that result in a light rose wine with a vibrant pale pink color. The nose is fresh with distinctive minerality, the fruity sweet notes…

  • Зейла Мускат етикет

    Zeyla Muskat

    Complex intense nose expressing typical Muscat aroma, notes of geranium, green apple in a combination of flowery aromas, white flowers. Appealing freshness on the palate, intense Muscat aroma and feel the taste av. Long finish with striking shades of green apple, green peach, lime.