Restaurant La Cave

In the Middle Ages the feasting hall was always the heart of the castle. There the rulers welcomed their guests, rejoiced in their glorious victories, raising glasses full of their sweetest wine. We transferred this tradition to share the good moments and celebrating life in the Le Cave restaurant. Spacious and at the same time cosy, it has 60 seats. Its menu reflects our concept of cosmopolitanism and, at the same time, of simple food preparation because we are sure of its origin and quality. We use fresh seasonal products that our chef personally selects from the gardens and herds of local producers. The olive oil is specially delivered from the island of Crete. Exotic spices and ingredients from all over the world arrive in our kitchen for a more global culinary experience. Different cultures intertwine in our menu through their specific tastes - lamb with turmeric, trout ceviche with lime, Burgundy snails.

We also recommend that you try specialities from freshly caught game - pheasants, partridges or rabbits. Make sure to sweeten your visit and with a portion of home-made nougat with Cabernet Sauvignon grape jam from the vineyards of Château Copsa - a dessert that has become a trademark of La Cave.

And because the art of welcoming guests is our philosophy, La Cave’s chef is ready to fulfil your gastronomic desires upon request. We have also added to our traditional menu a vegetarian alternative and a chef's choice menu.

Our wine list is limited and includes only wines produced in Château Copsa. Only our guests have the pleasure and privilege to taste the limited series of wines from single barrels and harvests no longer available on the market.

For reservations: +359 882 645 452