Restaurant Zelanos

The eternal dialogue between wine and art has been brought to our restaurant Zelanos.
The combination of a glass of fresh Misket or Chardonnay in the company of the brilliant paintings by artists such as Genko Genkov, Encho Pironkov, Dimitar Kazakov - Neron, Dimitar Kirov will take you into another dimension. The feeling is unforgettable when these parallel worlds merge to touch both your palate and your heart at once.

The artistic atmosphere created by the Zelanos restaurant is elegantly intertwined with the Minkov family tradition. Thus, in its modern reading, the planks from the oak barrel in which our wine has matured, come to life on an old brick wall telling us an exciting story. And the flasks from the winery laboratory, transformed into avant-garde lamps, cast soft gleams into the past. Concrete, wood and plush are the materials used to create the modern look of Zelanos.

Our menu is a reflection of the global trend towards lighter and more modern dining; the arrangement of the tables reflects our idea of sharing the food and the fact that wine tastes best when shared with friends.

Our wine list is limited and includes only wines produced in Château Copsa. Only our guests have the pleasure and privilege to taste the limited series of wines from single barrels and harvests no longer available on the market.

The Zelanos restaurant can accommodate up to 110 guests, making it an exceptionally suitable choice for wedding receptions or corporate events.

For reservations: +359 882 645 452