Red Misket

Despite its name, Red Misket is a white grape. This is an unique only for Bulgaria variety and finds its best expression at the foothills of Balkan mountain, in the heart of the Valley of Roses. It is a grape capable of giving a broad variety of flavors and aromas: green grapes, geranium, green apple, acacia underlined by freshness and mineral notes. The colour is pale yellow with green hints.

Zeyla Misket

It is a grape capable of giving a broad variety of flavors and aromas: green grapes, geranium, green apple, acacia underlined by freshness and mineral notes. The colour is pale yellow with green hints.

This wine can be tasted as an aperitif, as well as very well matches with fresh salads, grilled vegetables, fish and light white meats.

250 ml - 8 BG leva 

750 ml - 22 BG leva

AXL Rose Valley Misket

Limited Edition Wine of Chateau Copsa

Our winemakers undertook the challenge to create a wine from Misket  grape that will show the very best characteristics of that typical only for Bulgaria variety.

The selection started at the vineyard – a certain plot was selected, a special method of pruning was applied, as well as leaves removal and green harvest of the grape in order to achieve higher quality of fruit with exceptional characteristics. The result is a very different and intersting wine expressing the aromas of Balkns  and Rose Valley, expressing the terroir

 The colour is bright pale lemon green yellow. The palate is fresh with nuance of geranium, citrus and white flowers, that can be felt in the nose as well.

Limited edition 1300 bottles

750 ml – 34 BG leva

Zeyla Muscat


The wine shows the typical characteristics of Muscat grape – very complex and full spectrum of aromatic notes. It is attractively perfumed dry wine with intensive herbaceous aromas. This grape variety is considered to be one of the ancient grapes for wine making. Muscat Ottonel is a light body wine, with low acidity and pronounced aromas and flavors of  herbs and spices

A wine to enjoy with spice food, salads and desserts

250 ml - 8 BG leva   

750 ml - 22 BG leva

Zeyla Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

A light and elegant wine made in a New World’s wine style. The nose is green and fresh, a notes of citrus, green apple and green asparagus are found on the palate.

A light wine that can be tasted on its own or pared with fresh salads, vegetable and fish meals

250 ml - 8 BG leva 

750 ml - 22 BG leva

Arlecchino Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh and easy drinking wine to enjoy

The colour is pale lemon yellow with elegant green hues. The body is light, the aromas and flavors are fresh with notes of spring nettle, citrus and white peach.

It is ideal with fresh and grilled vegetables, poultry and fish meals

375 ml – 17 leva         

750 ml – 31  BG leva

Chateau Copsa Sauvignon Blanc Single Vineyard

Limited Edition Wine of Cahteau Copsa

The early picking of the grape for creation of this wine, as well as the specific wimemaking technics, resulted in an exceptional wine with pronounced freshness and minerality.

A crisp wine with intensive notes in the nose of green peper, fresh cut grass, tomato stalks, citrus and aspagus, well confirmed on the palate, with balanced acidity and minerality. A mouth-watrieng wine on its own that can be an aperitif, or can be well matched with salads, light meat dishes and fish.

Limited Edition of 1111 bottles

750 ml –  40  BG leva

Zeyla Chardonnay


Pale straw color with a hint of green notes. The nose is dominated by the aromas of acacia, honey, ripe ecsotic fruits with slight vanilla notes due to the contact of wine with oak. Light to medium body wine that matches well with light starters and main courses with of fish and white meats with sousess.

250 ml - 8 BG leva

750 ml - 22 BG leva

Chateau Copsa Chardonnay Single Vineyard

Limited Edition Wine of Cahteau Copsa

The grape for creating this wine was selected from a single plot of our vineyards. The fruit was hand picked, cooled before the process of vinification and fermented in stainless steel tanks. The wine has no contact with oak barrels, and as a result we have a fresh, balanced and easy drinking wine with light notes of fresh citrus and stone fruit flavors, and delicate minerality.

750 ml - 34 BG leva

6IX Chardonnay Barrel Fermented

Limited Wine of Chateau Copsa

After tasting all of our barrels of Chardonnay, six of them were selected to craft this Limited Edition wine.

The color is a typical for the best examples of Chardonnay wine - bright golden colour. Fresh and vibrant, an exceptional wine that exhibits plenty of citrus, vanilla and exotic fruits aromas. The longer contact of wine with American oak, result in buttery, hazelnut and toasty aromas. The wine is medium body, with lovely rich smooth palate well harmonizing with mineral finish and finesse.

A wine to enjoy on its own, and with fish starters, Burgundian snails, and all kind of grilled and fried fish accompanied with creamy buttery dressings

Limited Edition of 1800 bottles

750 ml  -  40 BG leva

1NE Chardonnay Barrel Fermented

Limited Wine of Chateau Copsa

To create a different type of Chardonnay wine, our winemakers select the grapes of a single vineyard - the plot named Anevo. The fermentation proceeded in American oak barrels with wild yeasts. As a result the wine is very complex with great balance of rich fruit aromas and flavors, and minerality. The nose shows ripe pineapple and some notes of toasted almond. The palate is lovely rich and smooth with peach notes, some butterscotch notes and mineral finish.

This a single barrel of Chardonnay that can be exclusively tasted only in Chateau Copsa

We recommend it to be tasted on its own, as well as matched with all type of fish with creamy butter souses, light meats, spicy food and desserts.

Limited Edition of 300 bottles

750 ml – 57 BG leva

Chateau Copsa Blanc

An assemblage wine crafted by blending three different grape varieties of Red Misket, Muscat and

Chardonnay. Each of these grapes reveals its best characteristics and the result of a interaction is a harmonious and well-balanced wine. The Misket dominates the blend and gives it freshness and green apple and citrus aromas, while Muscat contribute to highlight the terroir  - the distinctive notes of geranium, rose oil  and Balkan herbs.  The elegant body of the wine and the creamy toast notes are due to the oak aged Chardonnay – a minor part in the blend.

This wine matches very well with fish and vegetables starters, as well as with main courses with fish, light meats.

750 ml  -  34 BG leva

Stradivarius Selection Blanc

A wine crafted by blending the most aromatic white grape varieties  -Muscat Ottonel and Red Misket. Fresh dry un-oaked wine with pronounced green-herbs aromas of basil and thyme, white flowers and classic grapey Muscat flavor. Light body with zesty finish.

Ideal with fresh salads, Bulgarian white cheese, and spicy food. A good wine for dessert as well.

750 ml  –  31 BG leva

Zeyla Rose

Using Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, our Winemakers created a crisp dry rose well balanced and very enjoyable. The wine is produced by means of a method known as “saignee” – lighted crushed grapes, bleeding off the juice after limited contact with the skin. The colour is attractive pale pink with aromas of strawberry, raspberry confirmed on the palate as well.

750 ml – 22 BG leva

Angelica Rose

Limited Edition wine of Chateau Copsa

Our winemakers created this wine by personally selecting every bunch of grape of Cabernet Sauvignon (80% in the blend) and Merlot (20% in the blend) from our vineyards. The wine is created by means of a traditional for South of France method – “saignee” - lighted crushed grapes, bleeding off the juice after limited contact with the skin in order to achieve a brilliant pale salmon pink color of the wine. The nose has a lot of finesse, with aromas of red berries and grapefruit, with a soft hint of flower and lavender. On the palate, most impressive is the balance of fruit and minerality.  A complex wine with good length and mouthwatering freshness.

Like more Roses it matches well with vegetables, fish and light meat meals, duck magret, and even with desserts.

375 ml  –  17 BG leva

750 ml  –  33 BG leva

Zeyla Cabernet Sauvignon

Enjoyable and easy drinking wine with ruby red colour with some violet nuance. The nose is attractive with blackcurrant and raspberry notes, confirmed on the palate well, along with the notes of black chocolate. Due to the contact with oak barrel, the wine is with structure and soft tannins

The wine matches well with beef, duck pork meals and all kind of gamey

250 ml - 8 BG leva     

750 ml - 22 BG leva

Zeyla Merlot

A classic Merlot wine of ruby red color with brick red rim.  The wine is characterized with light body and pleasant aromas of red fruits - cherry, raspberry and plum, confirmed on the palate. The tannins and finish are soft and easy, due to the barrel aging of the wine.

It pairs well with white and red meats, duck magret, Burgundian snails with butter, and some deserts

250 ml - 8 BG leva   

750 ml – 22 BG leva

Stradivarius Selection Rouge

Our winemakers crafted this wine by blending selected barrels of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.  A very fruity and enjoyable wine with deep purple red colour. The nose is intensive with elegant red and black fruit aromas with darck chocolate and vanilla beans notes, as a result of a barrel aging ( between 8 to 10 months) of each wine in the assembalge. The tannins are ripe and soft, a jucy wine with savoury finish.

Ideal for pairing with gamey, red meats, traditional Bulgarian white chees, as well as with French and italian cheeses.

750 ml – 36 BG leva

Chateau Copsa Rouge

The wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties.

Each of the grape varieties is fermented separately and aged in American and French barrels for the period between 8 to 10 months. After a selection of the most intriguing  and interesting in aromas and flavors barrels, the blend is made. We do keep this wine for bottle aging at least 6 months - usually more - before its release.

As a result, the wine is with deep ruby red color, revealing complex aromas and flavors of ripe red and black fruits, leather, meat and slight notes of liquorice.  The wine is subtle and fleshy with well-balanced body, the tannins are smooth and velvety due to the contact with oak and bottle aging.

The wine has a great potential to age and improve with the aging

Chateau Copsa Rouge Vintage 2011 - 750 ml –  68 BG leva
Chateau Copsa Rouge Vintage 2012 - 750 ml –  53 BG leva
Chateau Copsa Rouge Vintage 2013 - 750 ml –  44 BG leva

8TH of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

Limited Edition Wine of Chateau Copsa

A signature wine crafted by our Winemakers after a selection of only eight barrels that revealed extraordinary qualities. The colour is attractive, brilliant, intensive ruby-red.

A vibrant wine with exuberant fruity notes of blackcurrant and cherry, and dry blue plum develop with aeration, as well as notes of black chocolate. The wine is with structure, very elegant and mild tannins, and beautiful long aftertaste.

The wine is passing through the process of bottle aging for at least 6 to 8 months before release, in order to develop more interesting secondary aromas, and getting well balanced.

Limited release of 2400 bottles

750 ml  –  53 BG leva


Limited Edition Wine of Chateau Copsa
Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Cabernet Franc

An exuberant and remarkable wine

A blend of three grape varieties Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Fran, that reveals great complexity of flavors, aromas and texture.

 Only five barrels were selected by our Winemakers to craft that wine.

The colour is deep red with a slight violet tinge on the rim. The nose is intense with complex ripe red cassis, tobacco and sweet spice. On the palate it is lush and rich with distinctive notes of black cherry, blackberry and dried plum with hints of black pepper and dark chocolate on the palate. The tannins are soft and silky; the final is fruity and long.

Limited Edition of 1500 bottles

750 ml – 68 BG leva


Rosalza is a grape brandy produced from the aromatic grape varieties Red Misket (an unique for the Valley of Roses variety) and Muscat Ottonel, harvested only from our own vineyards. It is made using special traditional technology for distillation in a copper pot. At least 5 years of barrel aging are following the distillation process, in order to achieve mild, delicate and harmonious flavors. The colour is very attractive, brilliant golden amber. The nose is intense with typical unmistakable Muscat aromas and elegant vanilla notes as a result of the contact with oak.

The Bulgarian tradition is to start the meal with a sip of Rakia, although a kind of a brandy as Rosalza is extremely appropriate as a digestive and matches excellently with dessert.

50 ml –  4  BG leva

Rakia Rose Valley

Our Winemakers made this Rakia from the aromatic grapes of Muscat Ottonel and Red Misket. Using a traditional technology for its distillation in copper pot.

The brandy is matured in Bulgarian barrels for 3 years before bottling. The colour is light amber. Mild taste with ripe Muscat and delicate caramel notes on the palate.

Traditional Rakia for aperitif pairing well with traditional fresh vegetables salad and pickled vegetables,   as we do in Bulgaria!

50 ml –  3 BG leva

Rakia from Our Vineyard

This grape brandy is created from Muscat Ottonel grape that comes only from our own vineyards.

The color is pale brilliant transparent. This Rakia is a traditional Bulgarian brandy without maturing in barrels.  It is suitable to start with any traditional Bulgarian salads. Typical Muscat notes can be felt distinctively on the nose and palate.

Pair excellently with Bulgarian traditional salads and pickled vegetables.

 50 ml –  2 BG leva