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Château Copsa

Château Copsa's architecture and layout follow the canon of the early Middle Ages castles - an impressive stone building on an elevation, with habitable oval towers at the four ends of the main building.

The project was designed by the famous Bulgarian architect Zheko Tilev. The sophisticated interior contrasts sharply with the rough stone façade.

Sense of eternity - designer crystal chandeliers from Murano, Florentine plush and silk, antique decorations, solid oak furniture, green and black marble from Zimbabwe, Egyptian cotton bedding, and most important of all - the spirit of the Minkov family.


Irrespective of whether you are a wine fan, an enthusiast who has just taken their first steps into the vast world of wine or an expert on grape varieties and vintages, one thing is certain - the wine tastings at Château Copsa are an exciting experience. Château Copsa's oenologists have developed a special selection of different varieties, brands and vintages according to their distinctive characteristics to represent our wide range of wines. Our guests can also attend and the exclusive "vertical" wine tastings where the wine enthusiasts can trace the development of the wine from different, no longer available on the market vintages.

The wine tastings can take place in the cellar of Château Copsa, dug into the castle's foundations, where under natural temperature conditions our wines mature in French and American oak barrels.

It is our team's pleasure to present our wines and technology to you in the form of different wine tastings. Our guests who would like to deepen their knowledge of the wine making process could make a reservation in advance and meet with our experienced oenologists.

  • Wine Tasting "First Steps in the Wine World with Zеyla"
  • Vertical Wine tasting of the Flagship Red Wine of Chateau Copsa
  • White Wine Tasting of Chardonnay
  • Wine Tasting The Magic of Assemblage and Something more …
  • Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting
  • Six Courses Gourmet Food tasting with Wine tasting of Zeyla Wines and one coupage wine
  • Four courses Gourmet Food and Wine tasting



The process of winemaking

Each bunch of grapes, used for making our wines, is hand-picked at dawn. The bunches of grapes are collected in wooden crates to prevent them from crushing. Sorting the grapes starts at the vineyard by removing rotten fruit, dry leaves and twigs.

It takes less than 30 minutes for the grapes to reach our winery and this guarantee preserving the freshness and the quality characteristics of the raw material used for our wine.
The Copsa winery is situated at the foot of Sredna Gora where the natural climatic conditions facilitate the grape cooling and contribute to the fermentation process itself.

The winery capacity is 320,000 litres in stainless steel vessels with temperature control. For the processes of malolactic fermentation, if required, and ageing we use French and American oak barrels with varying degrees of barrel toasting.

All laboratory analyses are carried out in our own laboratory by our oenologist Madlen Kuzmanova.

Our bottling line is Italian and it allows us to use screw caps for the fresh white wines and rosé, and cork for the wines that will age in bottles.